The Latest “Grade Tank” Update, Big #STNT News & Exercise Improving Grades

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Was I ready for my close-up? Check out the link and decide for yourself :-) .

A quick series of Friday updates (because you know I’ve been totally enjoying these this summer!). It has been one heck of an exciting week on many levels:

-For those who have been following the student whose grade tanked, here is the latest (I’m going to paraphrase. You can see the full comment on the last post): “I met with the Dean face to face today. He will allow me to file a Final Grade Review because there “may be a chance of grade mistake,” as he put it. He also told me his secretary was incorrect in telling me that the same people who did not help me in the informal process would be the ones deciding my grade in the formal process. The next step is to write written statement in my formal grade dispute to the board. I need to clearly state why the instructor made a mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency.”

I want to qualify that obviously I don’t know the absolute full situation, so I cannot offer up pinpoint advice. My further goal in advising this student will be to ensure that he keeps his facts clear and keeps the relationships with all involved in mind. I will blog about this further.

From my whole heart, thank you to every single follower of this blog and on Twitter who has helped this student. I marvel at all of our collective voices to come through and offer support. Readers, students can fade away from college so easily! Thank goodness this student reached out and I cherish you for reaching back.

-Next, I can’t resist sharing big Say This, NOT That to Your Professor news. Is it okay that I’m putting this second? I’ve only been an author for 90 days, but I waited 10 years, so I hope so. Ready? It’s official that #STNT is going into Barnes and Noble stores!!!!! Yay! The book is in the usual online channels, but now, it was just approved to go on the actual shelves (small presses, like my publisher, go through a process to apply–I didn’t know that).

Also, I just had my first TV appearance for the book (and I was very nervous. I’m going to blog about that soon, too!) on KATU-TV (ABC) Portland just yesterday. If you want to check it out, here it is: Ellen on KATU.

-There was a particular blog post that really struck me this week, and that was my Community College Success buddy, Isa Adney’s (@isaadney) entry, How Exercise Can Improve Your Grades. She even cites a number of different sources for you! I think you may want to consider sprinting to your class or maybe taking those few minutes before class to lead some quick push-ups or Zumba moves. Talk about building a learning community! Love it!

-Here is another book coming up on my review list: Celebrating the Journey: Rediscovering Me. It’s rare to find a college success book that touches on the deeply personal side of the academic journey. Ashley Hill (@prepforcollege), who is a college success coach, shows impressive candor and transparency as she reveals difficult choices and ultimate triumph. I believe students will appreciate Ashley’s honesty in this unique read. Watch for my full take coming soon!

See you next week!




  1. You are awesome! Everything we do to promote education, K-12 and Post Secondary is beneficial. Education is the answer to many of society’s problems… doesn’t have to be 4 year college… Knowledge is Power! Rock On!

    • Thank you very much :-) . I appreciate your kind words!!! Ellen

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