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Late work. Absences. Boring classes.
The C grade you were sure would be an A. . . 

These situations, and so many others, happen in college.

In Say This, NOT That to Your Professor: 36 Talking Tips for College Success (NOW Available on Amazon, for your Kindle, at and in Barnes and Noble stores. Check out the stellar reviews!) , an award-winning, tenured communication professor takes you “inside the faculty mind,” and provides the words your professors wish you’d say to navigate the classroom experience with confidence.

Other college success guides devote maybe one or two chapters to the student-professor dynamic, yet students deal with their professors every single day.

Other college success guides instruct students on what not to do when dealing with professors, but rarely offer the student reasons why the situation happens in the first place, or alternative strategies for a favorable outcome.

Say This, NOT That to Your Professor will help you find your voice in college and give you the power of professional and assertive words to handle class-related issues the right way.

This book will give you inside tips on how to interact so your professors will respond in a positive manner. You’ll learn to create opportunities and properly stand up for yourself, rather than fumble over excuses.

Get ready for improved relationships with your professors, better grades, and an amazing college experience!

Who’s Talking About Say This, NOT That to Your Professor?

“I wish I had this book around when I was in college. What an excellent read on communication–with professors, and in general.”— Dave Kerpen, author of NY Times Bestseller Likeable Social Media

“Congratulations!  You’ve gotten into college. Now put down the syllabus and pick up this book!  Ellen Bremen’s book is a must-read if you want to know how to make your college career a complete success.  Effective communication goes beyond Facebook and texting, so get the inside scoop from someone who knows the WHOLE story.”Chris Westfall, 2011 Elevator Pitch champion, MBA instructor Southern Methodist University, and author of The New Elevator Pitch

“In my experience as both a writer and professor, students crave concrete advice on how to get more for their tuition dollars. Bremen’s book provides this advice and does so for a topic that is both immensely relevant and as yet unplumbed by other advice guides: a formula for success.”—Cal Newport, assistant professor, Georgetown University, author of How to Become a Straight-A Student and How to Win at College

“Ellen Bremen’s book will help students avoid worst-case scenarios in the classroom and on their transcripts, with concrete tools and strategies for communicating effectively with professors. Students will develop skills for college and for life.”Jennifer Worick, The New York Times bestselling co-author of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: College

“Ellen is conversational and inviting, her advice specific, clear, and practical—just the sort of information that’s likely to help students be more successful in college. I wish I’d known more of this when I was an undergraduate.”Ron Adler, professor, Santa Barbara City College; author of Understanding Human Communication and Interplay

“Ellen is the ‘Dear Abby’ of college professors, so respectful, and with amazing wisdom about the inner workings of college.”—Vicki Davis, author of the award winning Cool Cat Teacher blog, Lifetime Television for Women ‘The Balancing Act’ blogger, and co-author of the upcoming Flattening Classrooms, Expanding Minds.