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Talk About This Today: Facebook Doesn’t Have to Make Us Lonely… Or Full of Ourselves

Posted by on May 30, 2012 in General, Interpersonal Communication | 7 comments

(Bringing back news you can talk about! Start a conversation about this with someone today–hopefully on the phone or, better yet, face-to-face, given the context of the topic. I haven’t tapped into general interpersonal talk in a while, and this piece has been on my mind, so here goes!). When you teach Communication, the subject of Facebook inevitably arises. From ’07-April ’11, I was absent from the Facebook scene and students did not let me hear the end of it. I told them, “I’m online all the time. I just don’t want my face in front of a computer any more than it has to be.” “Plus that,” I added. “I...

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Word. Friday. Say it Now: “Can I connect with you on…?”

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Communicating with Professors, General | 2 comments

(Pardon the two days late on my usual Word. Wednesday. post. Being gone all last weekend on the faculty retreat and having a book out there in the world has been a new source of wonderful and challenging in my life. Anyway, I’m combining Wednesday’s usual post with the great day of Friday. Thank you for having some patience with me as I find my groove again!) What’s the Word? (A phrase!) “Can I connect with you on…?” Many of you are coming to the end of school right now. Again, in the Pacific Northwest, our students have over a month left, but that’s beside the point. (Our summer weather starts almost in September, just so you...

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How to Use Your #1 Study Tool… With Facebook

Posted by on Apr 16, 2012 in General, General College Success/Responses to Other College Entities | 5 comments

(Happy Monday, all! I’m blogging on a slightly different day and a slightly different schedule this week. It’s a big announcement week for me! After today, I’m going to be taking you on a journey with me. Curious enough? First, I know many of you are moving into M.S.T.: Major Study Time and finals. This seems like the right time to get a little academic and talk about study tips, which I haven’t discussed much in this blog. One of my degrees is in Post-Secondary Ed, so I’ll draw on that a bit as I offer up some possibly unconventional advice.)   Did you know that your single best study tool is one that you may be overlooking? (And no,...

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Facebook Between Students & Profs: Necessary for Online Classes?

Posted by on Mar 29, 2012 in Communicating with Professors, General | 9 comments

(Check out my first week on my new site! Can you believe? This is my third post! I haven’t responded to a news item in a while, and I see that the continued discussion regarding Facebook, students and profs is not going anywhere. I covered this, myself, in this post called School Business on Facebook: Time for Some New Communication Rules. Here’s my response to a different idea on the subject… fresh from the Huffington Post.) I’ll just say up front. I don’t. And I won’t. Friend current students on Facebook, that is. I’m out of the classroom for a year working on the grant project I talked about earlier this week, and I’m...

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