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Week One College Students: Check Your Class Tech Today!

Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Communicating with Professors, General | 3 comments

(Still in back-to-school mode here at The Chatty Professor, though I’m celebrating two exciting shout-outs this week: The Austin-American Statesman did a beautiful piece on Say This, NOT That, and I was honored to be in a KING-5 segment. But let’s get to important business–a recommendation I think is critical for all students and a first week tip I don’t think is discussed often enough…) Wonderful student, this could happen to you! Several years back, my campus implemented a college-based student e-mail system. That’s right. Gone were the days of or submitting e-mails that may or may not...

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Five Must-Say Tips for Week One of College Classes

Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Communicating with Professors, General, General College Success/Responses to Other College Entities | 3 comments

(Wow! I can’t thank everyone enough for the ongoing support for the grade dispute posts and also the incredible feedback for the post about college success tips not to take. I figured it would be a good idea to twist the latter topic to what college students should do now that we’re nice and early in back-to-school, so read on!) During my fifth visit to Women’s View Radio, I was recently had this call-in question, “What are the first steps that a student should take when going to college?” I’m sure that others’ answers would vary, depending on if you are living on or off-campus, if you’ve left home, etc., but as a prof, my...

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