I teach public speaking because I have a freak love for it.

In fact, when I’m not teaching, I seek public speaking opportunities wherever I can get them (but not in a freakish way :-) .

I’m thrilled to have Samara Lectures representing me so I can spread The Chatty Professor tips and love with high school and college audiences.

Full details are available here, but in essence, my workshop, “Say This, NOT That (To Your College Professor)”, includes:

-A list of common verbal blunders students make with their professors
-A series of  “do-overs” students can use immediately–improved phrases and statements to handle late work, absences, extra credit and poor grades
-Insider tips about how professors teach, grade, and react to student communication and behavior

Students will learn about their rights and options, and how to exercise them respectfully and effectively. Ultimately, students will receive vital communication tools.

The outcome? Better student-prof relationships, improved grades, and confident and competent communication skills for college and beyond. Then, students can transition this sought-after skill to their professional and personal lives. 

Other specific topics that I can deliver:

-Senior-to-Freshman Success: You’ve Been Talking to Teachers… Now Prepare for Professors
No need to wait for college–increase your chances of academic success while you are in high school!

-Parents: Talking to Your College Student… About College 
Parents, do you know about FERPA privacy laws? College students’ educational records are private once they turn 18. Borrow these communication strategies from a professor to help your student succeed.

-What To Say In Your First College Days
Before and on the first week, a host of must-say phrases to kick-start your term in the right way.

-Critical Talking Tips for Mid-Term Through Finals 
You’re past the first part of the term. Grades not going so well? Life crises blindsiding you? Worried that you need to drop or, worse, that you’ll fail? There is much you can do to save yourself, but only with the right communication.

-General interpersonal communication/relationship strategies for college students
Listening, language, nonverbal communication, conflict–all part of navigating relationships and friendships in college. Learn how to manage face-to-face interactions and even those that occur via social media and texting.

-Communicating in Shorter Term Sessions (Summer School, “Bridge” Terms, etc.)
Your solid communication is even that much more important when taking a condensed class. There isn’t time to waste to get help or connect with classmates. Learn to maximize the short-term to help you in your longer terms on campus. 

-Communication Success in Online/Hybrid Courses
What do top online students say to get their ‘A’s? Find out how they expertly handle e-mail, discussion forums, and course management systems.