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Word. Friday. Say it Now: “Can I connect with you on…?”

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Communicating with Professors, General | 2 comments

(Pardon the two days late on my usual Word. Wednesday. post. Being gone all last weekend on the faculty retreat and having a book out there in the world has been a new source of wonderful and challenging in my life. Anyway, I’m combining Wednesday’s usual post with the great day of Friday. Thank you for having some patience with me as I find my groove again!) What’s the Word? (A phrase!) “Can I connect with you on…?” Many of you are coming to the end of school right now. Again, in the Pacific Northwest, our students have over a month left, but that’s beside the point. (Our summer weather starts almost in September, just so you...

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Word. Wednesday. Say it Now: “Would You Take a Look?”

Posted by on Apr 11, 2012 in Communicating with Professors, General | 2 comments

  What’s The Word? It’s a question this time: “Would you take a look?” (And, yes, I know I’m barely in under the wire for Pacific Standard Time, Wednesday, but I just literally turned in the final, final, final edits on my proof copy for my book. Can I get a hoo-ha?). In honor of the above, as well as my almost-9-year-old having to “edit” a short story of hers this evening (this consisted of me circling words that were incorrect), I am thinking about how often we actually step out of ourselves and ask for someone else to look at our work? Seriously… when was the last time you asked another person to look at your...

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Word. Wednesday. Say It Now: “This feels _______ to discuss…”

Posted by on Mar 28, 2012 in General, Interpersonal Communication | 12 comments

Another moment of staring at her computer, and then to see her prof to talk about how she feels! (Here I am again! I didn’t forget Word. Wednesday! And, guess what… it’s still Wednesday! I’m finding my footing with my new blog, so thank you for being patient today. Are you ready for what to say? You can actually use this one any day–it’s a keeper. Here goes!) What’s the word? (This week, it’s a phrase): “This feels risky/difficult/scary/awkward to talk about/mention/discuss…” A plagiarized outline. A recorded speech received in my online class where the student is reading/sitting/without a body (yes,...

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Word. Wednesday. Say It Now. (Even on Tuesday!): "Everybody"

Posted by on Mar 20, 2012 in Communicating with Professors, General | 2 comments

(I’m learning that amazing things take time! So, guess what? We’re staying in the old space a little longer as I work through some technical adjustments. I want everything to be perfect as I roll out my new space. As a bonus, I figured even if I can’t share the aesthetic changes just yet, at least I can preview some of my new content. So, here’s my new Wednesday feature–but you can use it any day. How about today? I’ll be giving you a word or phrase to say or not say in college… and the rationale behind it.  One other quick note: Remember last week’s post? Of course, you do! It was… just last week. Well, the house...

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