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Have to Publicly Speak? You Freak! One-on-One (or One-to-Five)? You Thrive! What Do You Do?

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011 in General, Public Speaking | 9 comments

(Happy almost Thanksgiving, all! I’m going to lighten things up since some of you may be prepping for presentations after the holiday. This week and next, I’m going to tackle some student questions. Be prepared for next Tuesday when I answer a question on profs behaving badly. In the meantime, I hope your holiday is incredible! PS: In follow up to my last post, I’d be glad to update with a photo once the construction next door is finished. For now, the building continues!).   I love, love, love student questions! Keep them coming!!!! Here’s one I just received and, boy, if I only had a quarter for every student who feels this exact same...

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Dear Diary, Today I Practiced My Speech (Again!): How One Veteran Presenter Preps

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in General, Public Speaking | 4 comments

(I have a love of public speaking that borders on the ridiculous. For years, I was a competitive public speaker with Toastmasters International in my leisure time–I guess it was my “sport”–before I ever started teaching. Even though I stand before a classroom all the time as an educator, I deeply respect the art and craft of public speaking, and I strive to keep my muscles strong! That means speaking whenever possible. Students frequently ask me about my practicing strategies, how much, how often, what it looks like. I think students perceive that since speaking comes so easily to me, I must just get up and go. I documented my prep process...

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